Olivia Munn and Mr. Schue are dating?

Olivia Munn and Matthew Morrison

Oh God do I ever love those super random couples you never see coming … anyway, The Daily Show‘s Olivia Munn and Glee‘s Matthew Morrison were spotted making out at a hockey game at Madison Square Garden, bridging the cap between intellectual twenty-somethings and teenagers who like hearing auto-tuned Journey numbers.

Matthew Morrison was photographed cuddling up to Perfect Couples star Olivia Munn as they watched the New York Rangers take on the Philadelphia Flyers at Madison Square Garden in the Big Apple. Morrison was seen playfully nibbling on Munn’s arm and holding her hand, and the two stars later appeared to share a kiss while watching the game. SOURCE

I’m not saying that Olivia is pretty much just Morrison’s beard here, but when you consider the most famous picture of him out there involves him being sandwiched between to shirtless, jock-clad gym queens … well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out. “Hey everyone, look how much I love boobies! And the vagina! I’m going to have sexual intercourse with it tonight … remember Olivia, one knock means use another finger, two means stick the whole fist in, okay?”

Olivia Munn and Matthew Morrison

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