Anne Hathaway Is Gonna Be On Glee, Too

Who’s ready for some more Glee stunt-casting? Me me me me me! Anyway, it looks like Anne Hathaway is slated to make a guest spot on Glee as Kurt‘s lesbian aunt, because really, it’s about time they did some covers of The Indigo Girls and Tegan & Sara on the show. Lesbians like those bands, right?

“We just finalized a deal with Anne tonight to come onto the show,” creator Ryan Murphy told PEOPLE on Sunday at the Golden Globe Awards, where Glee was named best comedy or musical for the second straight year.

“She’s already created [her role],” Murphy said. “She wants to play the lesbian aunt of Chris Colfer. Because everyone needs a lesbian aunt.” SOURCE

Not that I don’t love Anne Hathaway and Glee, but I kinda miss the days when Glee actually had a plot, instead of loosely-tied together episodes revolving entirely around one central gimmick. And now? Glee is pretty much just gay porn, only with music instead of man sex. Only WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY gayer.

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