anyone want to pick up a celebrity?

here’s a fun bit for the end of the day – the latest STAR magazine has a whole two page spread dedicated to helping us pick up a celebrity! i laughed out loud when i saw kevin federline‘s mug in the article! well ladies…he is now officially single (and ready for picking unless shar jackson picks him back up!) i actually like him better now (gosh i can’t believe i just admitted that!) than when he was with britney spears! gosh remember when he was pimping out that terrible ‘rap’ album of his – lordy that was such a mess! kfed seems to have calmed down these days but i’m curious to see what his next big move is! below are the tips for roping in jake & george – although it looks like mr. gyllenhaal is currently off the market and all wrapped up with reese witherspoon (i think girlfriend is on the rebound – he should watch out – i love my jake!) popbytes over & out for tonight – tomorrow is friday! (xxoo)

jake gyllenhaal
be a sporty spice! ditch the clubs to catch this beau, jake is often found hiking in the hollywood hills, biking along the california coast w/ buds lance armstrong and matt mcconaughey, and playing ball.
must love dogs! jake’s devoted to his german shepherd, atticus – the pair are frequently found at brentwood’s barrington dog park and beverly hills’ urth caffe
get big apple bound! jake hangs in hip greenwich village eateries with brooklyn-based sister, maggie!

george clooney
work it, girl – get dolled up! hit up george’s fave l.a. eateries, sushi bar koi and italian restaurant dan tana’s.
think young at heart! george loves playing hoops, riding hogs and he shared his studio city, cali home with a potbellied pig, max, until his demise in december ’06.
bring the funny! as a notorious prankster, george needs a girl that makes him laugh.

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