Armond White claims he never heckled Steve McQueen

Armond White

Armond White

One of the biggest stories on the internet yesterday was Armond White getting hammered at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards and then heckling 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen because hey, when your entire career is built on being an asshole, you might as well really commit to the construct. Anyway, now White is claiming that he never heckled anyone, despite being surrounded by a room full of journalists who have no problem corroborating the story against him, and the Chairman of the NYFCC actually apologizing for White being a drunk, heckling jerk. Via HuffPo

In an email Tuesday to 12 Years a Slave distributor Fox Searchlight, NYFCC chairman Joshua Rothkopf apologized to Fox Searchlight and McQueen for “the crass bit of heckling.” In the letter, first posted online by Deadline Hollywood, Rothkopf said he was “mortified” that it came from one of the group’s own members and pledged “disciplinary action.”

In response to questions by email, White disputed reports about his awards-night behavior but declined to explain what he said of McQueen. “The barrage of lies, misreporting, unsubstantiated sources and made-up quotes is dismaying,” White said. “The awards themselves, and the highlights of the evening, such as James Toback and Peter Bogdanovich’s praise for best-picture winner American Hustle, have been forgotten in the melee.”

You know it’s bad when the Chairman of your group actually has to apologize for how much of an ass you were being, and you’re still just sitting there, telling everyone that it was all blown way out of proportion. Except once again, you’re in a room full of journalists. You think they don’t know how to properly report a story? Come on.

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