Ashlee Simpson and Emo McCriesalot: Back together?

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

So presumably after realizing that neither of them really have a career anymore and they’re both far less famous on their own, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are rumored to be reconciling after being photographed walking hand-in-hand out of a Starbucks, which as we all know is Hollywood talk for ‘The divorce is off and Pete is back to banging Ashlee while he cries’.

This morning we snapped Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz and their adorable son Bronx at Starbucks, and not only were the estranged spouses laughing and flirting, but we caught them holding hands in the parking lot! A photographer on the scene tells X17online exclusively, “Ashlee and Pete definitely seem to be back on — from their body language to the smile on her face, it certainly looks like they’re headed towards reconciliation.” SOURCE

Sure, some people might consider this a touching display of forgiveness. These people are stupid. Honestly, this couldn’t be a more calculated publicity stunt if they had worn matching shirts that said ‘Please pay attention to us, we’re still relevant’. I actually wrote an entire post earlier before noticing it was April Fool’s Day and deleting it, and thought this was just another joke before I noticed the story is dated yesterday, March 31st.

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz


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