beauty & the geek’s ‘make-unders’ + more!

good evening! how was everybody’s weekend? today was a beautiful sunny day in southern california and i took my parents over to the los angeles zoo which i had never been to – it’s a fairly decent enough zoo but i much prefer NY’s bronx zoo – i quickly became annoyed when i kept noticing a number of kids who were tossing food at the animals, taunting them with faux animal noises, and even banging on the glass on some of the exhibits w/o the intervention of their parents…how quickly people forget what happened at the san francisco zoo! the line was so damn long to buy tickets that i ended up becoming a member of the zoo to bypass the line – now i can go free for the entire year!

so next tuesday (march 11th) marks a new season of beauty & the geek – one of the first challenges between the geeks & the girls involves going to a nightclub to see who can score the most phone numbers – of course the ladies think they’ve totally got the challenge in the bag but little did they know – make-unders were coming! each pretty lady was ‘made under’ (some pics are below) to look unattractive & homely thus leveling the playing field! (yes i know beauty is in the eye of the beholder…) i might just give this show another shot – i did watch the first season but lost interest after that…

however you should totally check out pussycat dolls present: girlicious – my new favorite guilty reality obsession – the whole thing is totally ridiculous but it’s so much fun to watch – the girls are so bitchy and catty to each other plus there’s robin antin being way serious and over dramatic – i do wonder if the ‘girlicious’ group (which will consist of the three remaining ladies) even has a chance of breaking onto the pop scene! i’d say probably not…although i may just have to eat my words on that one! to round out the whole CW reality scene – i think this 10th cycle of america’s next top model i’m going to skip – i need a break from tyra banks – although i’ve heard it has been a decent season so far – she just starts to grate on your nerves but maybe i’ll give tyra one more chance to hook me this time around!

right now the reality shows are coming fast and furious – i’m getting ready to catch orpah’s big give tonight – plus i’m also addicted to this 9th season of big brother (i love watching big brother after dark over on showtime from midnight until 3am) which is the craziest ‘sexiest’ season – those people are way out of control! (oh and there’s american idol too!) yet the reality show with the best quality clearly goes to project runway – i know christian ‘fierce’ soriano is going to win – i’m convinced of it! he has consistently been the best designer – in second place i would put jillian lewis who is also fab! hopefully we won’t have to wait for the next season as long as we did for this one! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

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