the other boleyn girl

hey hey! today i actually made it to the movies (a perfect idea since it was so damn cloudy out today) i took my dear mom (who also lovingly checks for any mistakes here on popbytes) to see the other boleyn girl over at arclight cinemas (the best local movie theater around) although i already knew the basic story of king henry viii and the twisted sister drama that went down between mary & anne boleyn which made a few heads roll and produced a future queen of england named elizabeth! the film is based on the best-selling novel by philippa gregory (which i didn’t get to read – i need to make book time since i haven’t read a novel in a longtime…shame on me!) although my eyelids grew a little heavy in the beginning of the film – i managed to perk up once the real drama started to kick in – i thought both scarlett johansson and natalie portman did an excellent job of playing the boleyn girls (it would be hilariously bad if say the simpson sisters starred in it) plus i adore the guy who played their brother cutie pie jim sturgess (he also starred in across the universe) and there’s also hottie eric bana – another nice dose of eye candy! overall i enjoyed the film – plus it totally got me pumped for the second season of the tudors starring jonathan rhys-meyers as the beheading happy king which premieres on showtime on sunday march 30th! a throwback to old time historical scandal and drama is quite refreshing from today’s usual drama inducing suspects! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

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