Black Eyed Peas pulled out of MJ’s tribute concert!

Black Eyed Peas

Remember how the Black Eyed Peas told everyone that just because they’re on hiatus (read: breaking up) doesn’t mean they’re breaking up? And that they don’t totally hate each other and that the resentment between themselves is NOT so thick you could hang a painting on it? Well HAHAHA! Yeah that might be total bullshit, because they dropped out of the upcoming Michael Jackson tribute concert because they’re “unable to perform” which I’m going to read as “our music is terrible and we can’t be in the same room together without pulling guns on each other”. Via TMZ:

The Black Eyed Peas have PULLED OUT of Saturday’s big Michael Jackson Tribute Concert — after promoters claim they have suddenly become “unable to perform.” The details are still unclear — but the promoters just released a statement saying, “Due to unavoidable circumstances, the Black Eyed Peas will be unable to perform at this Saturday’s Michael Forever event.” Chris Hunt, the CEO of Global Live Events — the company behind the show — claims the show will still feature several other “earth shattering artists” … such as Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green. TMZ reached out to a rep for the Peas … who confirmed the group is out of the show, but wouldn’t expand on the reason behind the decision.

Which raises the even better question: why would anyone voluntarily ask them to perform in the first place? Are they trying to recreate what it felt like to have Joe Jackson as a father? “Oh God, this isn’t music! This is endless agony and suffering! Why won’t it stop?! … Oooooooh, so that’s how badly he sucked as a father. Gotcha.”

Black Eyed Peas

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