Is Kristen Wiig leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’?

Kristen Wiig

I’m just going to completely ignore the thousands of angry Internet people going “Saturday Night Live stopped being funny ten years ago!” (it didn’t) and just jump straight to the meat of the story: after six years on the show, it looks like funny lady Kristen Wiig might be leaving the show in order to focus on making movies, which is probably for the best because if you look at her film resume, she’s actually kind of nailing it (unlike other SNL cast members who tried to transition to movies). The Huffington Post reports:

Kristen Wiig may be in her last season on Saturday Night Live, Showbiz411’s Roger Friedman reports. The actress, who began in 2005 on the show and has earned three straight Emmy nominations for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy, has seen her star bloom over the past year, thanks especially in part to her blockbuster comedy Bridesmaids, which she wrote and starred in. The film provided a major showcase for her talent, which ranges from impersonations, outrageous original characters to more subtle emotional turns. She played a naive Christian woman in the Simon Pegg alien film, Paul, and has had a number of supporting roles in films such as MacGruber and Knocked Up.

Good for her. So far, I don’t think Kristen has made a bad movie at this point, and despite being the funniest part of SNL at this point, it’s probably about time she went off to bigger and better things. Also, at this point there’s absolutely no way in hell she won’t be picking up a Golden Globe for Bridesmaids (name one better comedy released this year. You can’t.) so clearly she is a bonafide movie star at this point.

Kristen Wiig

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