brad & angelina: trial separation?!?

good evening! rumors continue to swirl around brad pitt & angelina jolie who find themselves once again front & center on the latest cover of STAR magazine – i hope they manage to stay together which i think they will (although i’m usually on the side of the glass being half empty – i do try to be positive) oh lordy i can’t even imagine having to deal with all the naysayers who don’t care for ms. jolie – for now i’m sticking by this couple – i refuse to give into any ‘i told you so’ scenarios! plus don’t forget i’m also a huge jennifer aniston fan – it is in fact possible to support both gals without taking sides!

over on the side bar there’s some hot new romances in the works – although don’t believe the hype on #2 – that kiss was from the other night at the GLAAD awards where ms. aniston walked away with a vanguard for her contributions to helping raise visibility and understanding for the LGBT community – although i think using that teeny-tiny kiss on dirt with pal courteney cox-arquette is grasping at straws (i’m sure they wanted her there for the extra press as well…) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS a small part of bonnie raitt died tonight after sanjaya malakar butchered her song something to talk about on tonight’s american idol – oh my gosh he sucks so bad!

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