Bret Easton Ellis is not a huge Glee fan …

Bret Easton Ellis and Glee

So as I said about Glee in the past, I’m pretty torn on the show in that when the show’s ambition pays off, it’s amazing, but that sometimes it sacrifices consistent character and plot structure for gimmicks that don’t work (Rocky Horror Glee Show, anyone?) Anyway, I’m not the only one who feels this way apparently, because author Bret Easton Ellis took to Twitter to say that Glee is good in theory but feels like … you know what? I’m just going to let him say it.

As an acclaimed, best-selling author, Bret Easton Ellis should understand the power of the written word. “I like the idea of Glee, but why is it that every time I watch an episode I feel like I’ve stepped into a puddle of HIV?” the literary icon asked his nearly 142,000 Twitter followers on Tuesday. The 47-year-old American Psycho author was then bombarded with criticism for his off-color remark, but instead of apologizing, Ellis continued to fan the flames. “No, I wasn’t drunk last night,” he tweeted on Wednesday. “I was watching Chris Colfer singing Le Jazz Hot and felt like I had suddenly come down with the hivs.” Golden Globe winner Colfer, 20 — and the rest of the Glee cast — have yet to respond to Ellis’ comments. SOURCE

SPIT TAKE. I mean yeah, this is the same guy who wrote American Psycho, so pushing the envelope does come second nature to him, but … ummmmm … oh hey, look, a reason to leave. You people fill in the rest because I am soooooo not going anywhere near this. Give me a call when Ryan Murphy inevitably loses his shit again though. Feisty OUT.

Bret Easton Ellis and Glee

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