Lady Gaga on ‘Modern Family’?

Lady Gaga - Modern Family

Because apparently, having two whole episodes of Glee dedicated to her wasn’t enough, Lady Gaga is now looking to make a guest appearance on the hit ABC show, Modern Family, because clearly, Cam and Mitchell just aren’t gay enough for you judgmental bitches. Yeah, that makes sense. Crazy-ass popstar in a Big Bird costume in the middle of some quiet suburbs … oh look, Sofia Vergara is jumping over a shark. Nice touch.

Pop star Lady Gaga has appealed to producers behind hit TV show Modern Family to find her a guest role on the series. The singer is a big fan of the program, but Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson fears it will prove too difficult to write the larger-than-life star into the script. Speaking on talk show Live with Regis and Kelly on Wednesday, Ferguson says, “She (Gaga) reached out and she wanted to do something with the show but it’s like, how do you incorporate Lady Gaga into Modern Family?” SOURCE

Look, sweetie, it’s not that I don’t think you’re … tolerable in the right dosage, it’s just that there’s this little thing called “too much of a good thing”. I appreciate the work you’re putting in here, but have you ever considered, I don’t know, taking a vacation? Maybe just throwing on a pair of jeans and going on a little trip for a month or so? Not that I don’t love you (I’m contractually obligated to) but you’re overkilling it here, sweetie. It’s just not fetch.

Lady Gaga - Modern Family

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