britney and that darn interview!

hey hey! twas a long (very long) day – i made it back safe to hollywood after landing in a nasty bit of traffic from burbank airport – ugh! overall i had a great time – the how design conference had some great speakers and i met some really cool people – it’s always good to go and recharge your mind with others in a similar profession…but i have to go back to work tomorrow and i know i’ll still be beat…vegas just sucks your energy dry! i love it but could never live there – the novelty would wear off oh so quickly!

of course i was super excited to watch the britney spears interview over on dateline tonight – i don’t know how i felt about the whole thing – i really do like ms. spears…she is not a bad person or anything like that but for sure is not the sharpest tool in the shed! i thought she was kind of elusive on some questions – it seemed interviewer matt lauer had to keep rephrasing the questions and was really digging for her answers!

like on the whole driving with her baby on lap incident – she never admitted it was dangerous or a dumb thing to do (it was) and when asked to describe her son she clammed up – i think she could have at least said a little something on sean preston (like oh he laughs a lot) overall she was very general – what did y’all think? i still for sure question her defense of hubby kevin – it will be very interesting to see what ‘oops’ moments happen in the next few months and if the tabloids will give her even a little break? i highly doubt it – they will continue to be in full force…

anyways to send her a little good cheer the good folks over at AOL had a fun little feature where they asked bloggers to submit photos of apologies of sort…of course we all feel a little bad for her…below is a copy of my photo submission (taken in my hotel room yesterday) and make sure to stop over to see some other bloggers as well as ‘civilians’ offering up some ‘we are sorry britney’…i am bummed though that she wont be returning to the music studio anytime soon (no big surprise there) i wonder what the music climate will be like when she finally attempts to re-stage a fierce comeback…she has got plenty of time on her hands to figure out exactly what her sound will be…i still listen to her albums – who doesn’t love an occasional dose of hit me baby one more time or toxic

popbytes over & out for tonight and make sure to check back tomorrow for this week’s mashup which was delayed by only a day and i promise it’s gonna be a hot one – i just had a listen! next week your regularly scheduled popbytes will all be in their proper place! rock & blog on – xxoo!

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