take a ‘ludacris’ mashup ‘journey’

hey hey! phew i’m so happy it’s friday! as promised below is this week’s mashup from our dear DJ paul v. who doesn’t love journey‘s don’t stop believing? make sure to have a listen below…popbytes over & out for now…check you all laters – xxoo!


This is one of those tracks that reminds me why I love mashups so much, and that elated surprise in finding a new melding that blows me away. Such as this, from Lasso The Moon (a brand new mixer I have no info on, for now) who gives you the guilty-pleasure hugeness of Journey, glitched & super-sized with Apollo 440 beats, and lets the always tart ‘n tight Ludacris make you stand up at full attention.

You’ll be scribbling Lasso The Moon’s name on your notebook in homeroom…Enjoy!

– DJ Paul V.

The Smash Mix | Indie 103.1FM | Bootie LA | Dragstrip 66

» listen to Lasso The Moon – Stand ‘N Believe (.mp3 6.3mb) «