britney & kevin – divorce already!

so we all may be on different sides when it comes to brangelina & aniston but i think we can all agree that britney spears needs to get serious and divorce kevin federline before his pre-nup becomes even more appealing and expensive- check out the details below in a clip from the latest STAR magazine – plus britney even had to lay down some rules – this is all way out of hand!

this coming friday (june 2nd) happens to be national break-up day (of course coinciding with the release of the break-up with ms. aniston…) so it would be the perfect day for ms. spears make it all official! say bye-bye kfed! poor girl has just been on a steep downhill ride for quite sometime now and she needs to regain control and she best make it fast! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

No longer do you need to have an awkward, prolonged talk about how things ‘just aren’t working out’. No more will there be a tearful diatribe about how your significant other is so much less significant than they were before. No no, there will be none of these things. We’ve made it easy for you. National Break-Up Day is the perfect excuse to bail yourself out of that sinking ship. It’s a day where we can all stand undivided nationwide, and with one voice… get divided. READ MORE

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