denise richards heading to mrs. sambora?

hey hey! here is a great gossip story to start the day! apparently things are going really well for denise richards and richie sambora having spent a wonderful ‘romantic’ time over in europe while he finished up his bon jovi tour…

a source told STAR magazine the couple is speeding down the highway of love …denise and richie are moving really fast – freight-train fast. they’re talking about getting married and planning for the future… someone needs to give these two speeding ticket!

ugh – gag me with a spoon! before they start planning the wedding they better make sure to finish out their impending divorces…heather locklear & sambora should be done fairly quick but i think denise is going to be tied up with charlie sheen for quite a while! that divorce will be so messy i don’t even think we have scratched the surface on the nastiness that surely will arise…

and if sambora multiplies with richards i can only imagine how fun and carefree those family picnics would be! i already smell a reality show…shacking with sambora! oh good times people – popbytes over & out for a bit…at least it’s mid-week already! xxoo!

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