i chatted with lisa kudrow!

oh happy day! i love life’s little unexpected pleasures! so i was at my desk today wrapping up the day job when i got an email from someone at HBO letting me know that lisa kudrow was doing an online chat over at the gold derby (a cool section of latimes.com) well i flew over there and quickly registered as popbytes (of course) and when i entered the room lisa immediately recognized me!! (in case you didn’t know i was quite zealous in my love for this now cancelled show – check out valeriecherish.com – she really was my favorite person of 2005)

below is a transcript of the chat edited to my portions – people were asking her a lot about friends but of course i wanted to chat about my beloved the comeback which makes its DVD debut in august! plus i was able to get confirmation from ms. kudrow herself that she did indeed write me that note a few months back! (thanks again to J for hooking me up)

even better than all that – there is talk that lisa could get nominated for an emmy for her amazing work on the comeback! that would be so be the icing on the cupcake for me – she so deserves it! make sure to check out this great article over at the gold derby about the whole possible emmy situation and which three episodes HBO is considering to submit to showcase her amazing comedic talents!

i agree with author tom o’neil that the episode Valerie Does Another Classic Leno should be the one picked – hop on over and see what other episodes are being considered! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

POPBYTES has entered the room.

LISA KUDROW: Popbytes!!!!???!!!!

POPBYTES: hey hey from popbytes.com – owner of valeriecherish.com

POPBYTES: it’s me!!! yes!!!!

LISA KUDROW: Oh Popbytes!!!! HI!

POPBYTES: im so excited for the DVD ms. kudrow!!!!

POPBYTES: someone sent me a message a while back and claimed it was from you! i hope it was – i did everything i could to help promote and save the show!

LISA KUDROW: It’s gonna be GOOD, the DVD. MPK and I are very very excited

POPBYTES: i think im gonna watch it weekly!

LISA KUDROW: I know you did! That was from me…it was a little stiff, right? sorry, I was trying to sound dignified

POPBYTES: ha!!!! oh my goodness – this makes my day!

POPBYTES: i hope they have some sorta party for dvd release – you guys so deserve it!!!!

POPBYTES: as much as i was sad to see it go – it really ended well – i really felt good about saying bye to val

LISA KUDROW: I don’t think there will be a party. We’re just so happy they spent the money for the extras we have in there. They’re being great about the DVD, really

POPBYTES: oh thats great news! – i was thinking to have a countdown on popbytes until release – something like only XX days until val cherish lands on DVD

POPBYTES: Lisa – i am running out the door – i am gonna post this bit to popbytes tonight – please look for it in the AM! So nice to chat with you! long live valerie cherish! you are AMAZING!!!!

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