Britney’s new song is actually 31-years-old. Whaaaaa?

With Britney Spears having officially moved into the “Pun-Based Singles” part of her career (See: If You Seek Amy), it’s time for people to start claiming she ripped her off. Case in point: The Bellamy Brothers are claiming that Britney ripped off the title of their hit song, If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me? This is why I drink.

He hasn’t heard from anyone in Spears’ camp (a rep for the singer declined to comment), and he’s not making a decision about whether to take legal action until he learns more about the laws involved. “I just have to see what the intent was,” he says. “I just kind of found it unoriginal, and I guess it makes us realize how old we are, because they’re recycling our titles already.” SOURCE

Mind you, when you consider that the joke is about as old, tired and sagging as Madonna‘s vagina, it’s kind of hard to say that Britney ripped anyone off. That being said: If one more person writes a song based on a pick-up line, I will pee on the doors of the RCAA.

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