Paris Is Trying To One-Up Kim

Now that the world has forgotten Paris Hilton and is now so far up Kim Kardashian‘s ass they can see where the fat ends and the implants begin, Paris has decided that the only way to make everyone remember how much they hate her is by creating her own reality TV show.

“It’s real, it’s raw, there’s drama… it is real, I promise you. We are different,” Kathy explained. “I opened up my house which I’ve never done. Paris has opened hers, Nicki (Hilton) has, Brooke has… there is nothing scripted or planned, there is no hair or makeup, we do our own, our own clothing and there are or no second shots. Just do it!”
Brooke, who is Paris’ neighbor and a family friend of the Hiltons, also promised true reality TV on their new series, saying, “My life is an open book.” SOURCE

Oh joy, now we have… What? Like, 99 shows about stupid sluts being stupid and slutty? Oh joy. One more and I think we get a free Subway sandwich! Mind you, said sandwich would pretty much be nothing but bread, lettuce and Valtrex, but still, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

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