can’t get it back

good morning everyone! ugh it’s raining lightly here in los angeles which always makes me a bit on the depressed side – and then combined with the thought of going to work today it’s almost too much to bear! anyways i wanted to post something upbeat & sassy for today’s ‘monday .mp3’ and i’ve selected a track from the group blaque‘s 2001 album ‘blaque out’ called can’t get it back – the three gal group is like a cross between TLC and destiny’s child – in fact lisa ‘left eye’ lopes was one of their mentors before she was killed in a car crash in honduras back in april of ’02 (oh gosh i still miss her so) but all sadness aside – this is a really fun track and reminds me a bit of the whole britney & kevin situation (let’s certainly hope that he can’t get it back!) and speaking of our newly single ms. spears…what’s been up with her lately?!? she went from a bad marriage to an instant BFF situation with paris hilton – it’s all so very bizarre…let’s just see how long that friendship lasts! so try and make it through today and i’ll be back later! rock & blog on – xxoo!

» listen to blaque’s can’t get it back (.mp3 6.2mb)

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