Cher vs. Michele Bachmann: The Twitter feud!

Cher and Michele Bachmann

If you’ve never experienced the typo-ridden joy that is Cher‘s Twitter stream: I’m not gonna lie, it’s absolute GOLD.  She’s like the super cool aunt that doesn’t really understand how the Internet works, but makes up for it with constant swearing. Anyway, Cher got a mailer from crazy bitch Michele Bachmann asking for money, which brought out Cher’s own crazy bitch which she ended up using for good, rather than evil.

Just got spam letter from M. Bachman! My reply ! Woman go bake 2 school take history ! & if I was on my deathbed & your best friend was JESUS!!! I WOULDNT VOTE 4 YOUR GAY HATING, BULLY LOVING , POSER CHRISTIAN ASS ! SOURCE

I really do love Michele Bachmann, I do. For pure comedy material, she is just like this endless natural resource of crazy, and I adore that because it makes my job so much easier. And it also helps that she’s married to an obviously self-hating gay and looks and acts like a malfunctioning robot from Disney World. I keep expecting an Imagineer to open up the back of her head and play around with frayed, sparking wires coming out of her metal dome.

Cher and Michele Bachmann

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