Miley Cyrus supports gay marriage with a tattoo!

Miley Cyrus

I really am surprised about how well Miley Cyrus has adjusted to adulthood now that she’s all grown up: She’s never photographed out late drunk, she doesn’t make snide comments about people she works with and while she has embraced her sexuality, she also hasn’t had nude pics “hacked” from her computer. And now she’s becoming a voice for the gay rights movement, even going so far as to get an equality sign on her finger as a sign for support of gay marriage.

On Friday night, the former Hannah Montana star tweeted a photo of a new tattoo, a small equal sign on the side of her ring finger. With the photo, Cyrus wrote, “All LOVE is equal.” In response to a fan’s tweet disagreeing her stance, she wrote, “where does it say in the bible to judge others? Oh right. It doesn’t. GOD is the only judge honey. ‘GOD is love.'” SOURCE

Maybe this is just my tattoo-superiority coming through here, but while the tattoo is very well intentioned, it looks a tad … sloppy. I appreciate it, but small tattoos like that have a tendency to not look as well-defined as they could, although it is still fresh so as it heals it may get better. That being said, next time she may want to get a bigger one so that they could put more work into it. Other than that, kudos sweetheart.

Miley Cyrus

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