cher vs portishead mashup!

good morning! even though i had off on monday – this week has been dragging – anyone else agree? i need the weekend again! anyways this week’s mashup from DJ paul v. is a smooth one – using a song that was way overplayed and mashing it up with a song that doesn’t seem to match upon initial thought – but just have a listen below! of course i’m a huge cher fan but i also LOVE portishead – their ’94 album dummy is one of the best! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


Here’s a confession: I love Cher. What can I say? I have the gay gene, and it’s one of the rules. But, after hearing ‘Believe’ for the 12-millionth time back in 1999, I wanted to scratch my eyes out! Then I heard this mashup, and it completely transforms the song from a rah-rah, gay circuit anthem into some swoonworthy chill-out. Of course, using the sultry sounds of Portishead‘s ‘Glory Box’ sure helps. Seriously – Funk That Sh*t gives Cher her biggest facelift since her 3rd nosejob…

listen to FunkThatSh*t – ‘Believe In Glorybox’ [.mp3 6.6mb]

PS to my LA peeps – This Saturday June 2nd, Bootie LA debuts in our new home at Safari Sam’s in Hollywood. If you wanna come down and dance to some smokin’ hot mashups, the first three popbytes readers who can identify the two bands on our flier (posted below) will get free admission! Email me your answers ASAP!

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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