anyone else watching ‘on the lot’?!?

hey hey! oh please tell someone else is watching on the lot over on FOX?!? it’s a new reality show where aspiring filmmakers are competing for a one million dollar movie deal with dreamworks! each week the director hopefuls will be making short films – which we get to see & vote on every monday evening (they have online voting too…much easier than picking up the phone) the results are announced on tuesday where the bottom three are booted off! last night the show went from 18 people to 15 (pictured below) most of the remaining people are quite talented & way creative! i had a blast watching all eighteen mini films this past week – it’s something totally different and provides a nice change of pace from american idol! plus one of my favorite gals the always incredible & gracious ms. carrie fisher is a judge! (don’t forget pop muse‘s dog is also named carrie fisher – also pictured below!) along with garry marshall, jon avnet, and brett ratner! right now good TV choices are slim pickins but on the lot has totally secured a spot in my line up – i recommend next week you too have a visit on the lot! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


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