Is Nicole Richie … pregnant?!

UPDATE – JULY 3 ’07 so national enquirer was right all along – nicole richie is pregnant with boyfriend joel madden‘s baby! they were first on the story almost six weeks ago with the cover below! today in touch magazine confirmed the news – but the enquirer totally broke the story first – everyone was in complete disbelief but they do actually get it right sometimes…kudos to david perel and his team! (i can’t imagine ms. richie being a mom right now – this should be very interesting…)

oh my gosh i just woke up to the brand new national enquirer cover in my inbox and their big story this week revolves around the real reason nicole richie is seeking help…she’s pregnant – or so the magazine claims – oh my goodness! (she does appear to have a slight bump going on in the picture below which could also be a bloated belly from not eating…) but will she be keeping her baby if this is true?!? at her weight i’d imagine it would be difficult to come full term but if she’s trying to get help maybe we’ll see nicole go all mommy on us! (don’t forget last week the magazine broke the news about her latest rehab attempts) the other hot story is heather locklear in AA – good for her if she’s got some issues – at least she’s working through them – hell i’d become a drunk too after my BFF denise richards stabbed me in the back! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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