jen aniston’s $5 million tell-all…

hey hey! poor jen aniston is still being put through the ringer over her split from brad pitt and him then taking up quickly with angelina jolie – seriously all that stuff is in the past but i guess it makes for a good cover – below is the latest from STAR magazine which features ms. aniston’s supposed $5 million dollar tell-all (i’m assuming a book unless she’s going spill the beans at some college commencement) yes their split was fascinating & scandalous – stuff soap operas are made of but this whole tale is really losing steam! we seriously need another juicy scandal that doesn’t involve jen & brangelina – and please no more DUIs or rehabbers – that’s growing way tired too!

i prefer the story at the top – who in hollywood can’t get enough of botox?!? i say why the hell not on that angle – it’s better than going under the knife! on the cover we’ve got meg ryan, demi moore, virginia madsen, courteney cox-arquette, and last but not least nicole kidman being nabbed as ‘botox-aholics’ – is there rehab for that?!? on the far left there’s something going on with mario lopez – i have no time for him or his drama – who cares?!? then over on the right side of course there’s lindsay lohan – at least she’s back in rehab (her publicist released a statement earlier today) but i have a sinking feeling she’ll be dealing with her issues for quite a long time! (along w/ her messy & fucked up parents – mom dina & dad michael are both total losers) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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