Chris Brown got violent in anger management rehab?

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Remember last week, when Chris Brown left anger management rehab after only two weeks and everyone just assumed that a few days of rehab would somehow reverse a lifetime of bad programming? Yeeeeeeeeeah, so it turns out that two weeks totally was not enough rehab to fix Chris, and the reason he left so early was because he was kicked out for throwing a violent fit during his stay. TMZ reports …

Chris Brown went into a VIOLENT RAGE while in rehab earlier this month for his anger issues … TMZ has learned … throwing objects and breaking them … and we’ve learned the D.A. will use this and other incidents later today in court to make the case that he belongs in jail … NOW. Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … the L.A. County Probation Dept. is submitting information to the judge today about the incident, along with the criminal assault charge in Washington, D.C. We’re told the Probation Dept will ask the judge to order Chris into a live-in anger management program for a period of months.

So, SURPRISE! It turns out, shuffling your charge off to rehab for the sake of a little PR/getting him out of the public eye for a little while isn’t actually the same as forcing him to confront his issues, and can even blow up in your face. Who knew, right? Either way, chances are he’ll skate again, because he’s Chris Brown and he’s in California, so all in all I’m not even sure why I’m mentioning this … filling my quota you say? Yes, that seems right.

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