Chris Brown spent 45 minutes in jail!

Chris Brown

Remember Chris Brown‘s hit-and-run case that I just figured Chris would never have to be held accountable? Well, the goodish news is that someone actually held his feet to the fire for once and made him serve jail time for his hit-and-run case. The bad news is that he not only only served about 45 minutes (Basically, a one-hour TV show without the commercials) and his lawyer Mark Geragos played it so that no one would see him do it. TMZ reports …

TMZ has learned … Brown showed up at the Van Nuys jail at around 2 PM. We’re told his lawyer, Mark Geragos, engineered it all and the purpose was to make it happen without any photogs present. Brown was booked and released on his own recognizance — no bail. We’re told the whole thing took around 45 minutes. Now here’s what’s interesting … just a few hours earlier, there was a gaggle of photogs at the courthouse which is connected to the jail, because 50 Cent made a court appearance. When the cameras were gone, Chris appeared.

Does anyone else see something weirdly wrong with that? I get that in California, they won’t make you go to jail as long as long as you’ve been in Us Weekly sometime in the past five years, but if you’re only going to get a slap on the wrist for a crime that most of us would get raked over the coals for, the least you can do is suffer public disgrace. Getting a weak-ass punishment and then sneaking through it just seems like trying to have your cake and slam its face in the car door too.

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