The drunk Mouseketeer is getting another fragrance!

Christina Aguilera

One thing I’ll never understand: Why do only the female mouseketeers slowly devolve into full-blown craziness? Think about it: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato … crazy, drunk, high respectively. Compare that to Justin Timberlake, whose major flaw is simply being a colossal douche, and something just seems patently unfair. Anyway, the drunk one, Xtina, is getting another fragrance, so now you too can smell like whiskey and poor life decisions.

Despite the trouble surrounding pop star Christina Aguilera in recent weeks, Life & Style can exclusively reveal that the singer is launching a new fragrance. This is one of the many perfume launches for Christina, her last was Royal Desire released in September 2010. SOURCE

Remind me again why we keep giving celebrities fragrances? Seriously, not only do they have absolutely no creative say over any of it (Do you think Christina even knows what sandlewood is?) but chances are if they had it their way, it would smell like weaponized swamp-ass. Seriously, there’s a reason why Britney Spears‘ fragrance doesn’t smell like Cheetos and Strawberry Frappuccinos.

Christina Aguilera

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