Christina Hendricks to appear on ‘Top Chef’

Good news, everyone! Top Chef is finally combining my three favorite things in the world: Sitting on my ass watching TV, gratuitous food porn and Christina Hendricks! Yes, Christina just wrapped up an appearance on the show, which means we now get to watch Mad Men‘s Joan Holloway have a foodgasm!

The challenge Hendricks and Arend are involved with will be appropriately ’60s themed, harkening to Hendrick’s role on AMC’s period drama Mad Men. Dishes from the ’60s will no doubt provide lots of ways for the reality competition series’ producers to have fun with the yet-to-be-announced celebrity chef contestants — the names of dishes from that era alone are a blast. SOURCE

Well it’s official, I can die happy now. There’s nothing better than a beautiful person eating food. There’s a reason why no one cares about supermodels anymore, okay? Fucking skinny bitches. *Shakes head wistfully*

Christina Hendricks

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