Christina Hendricks knows how to handle her weapons!

Christina Hendricks

Presented without comment, because CHRISTINA HENDRICKS. The Daily Mail reports:

Her curves have become the stuff of legend in the critically acclaimed, much loved series Mad Men. And Christina Hendricks is celebrating the forthcoming beginning of the fifth season of the show by posing in a racy new photo shoot for V magazine. The stunning actress who plays Joan in the show donned studded leather for an artful shoot which sees her get to grips with a bow and arrows.

I should probably mention that this is the same issue of V where Jennifer Lopez appears in an athletic cup, but no shade to La Lopez, a beautiful woman dressed in leather and wielding weapons is just inherently better than a beautiful woman with a gigantic, empty bulge in her pants. “Woo! Look at all the nothing between my clothing and my actual fun stuff!”

Christina Hendricks

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