Justin Bieber is legal now!

Justin Bieber

Good news if you like your men attractive, but completely vanilla and non-threateningly so: Justin Bieber is finally eighteen! Which means it’s no longer weird and uncomfortable when his fans sexualize him. Well, no, actually it still is kinda weird, but now it’s weird in a “you’re sexualizing the unattainable idea of fame” sorta way, rather than the kind of weird that comes from sexualizing a minor. The Huffington Post reports:

Happy birthday, Justin Bieber! The teenage superstar celebrates a milestone birthday March 1 when he turns 18 years old — making him legally allowed to do such things as vote and get a tattoo, though that hasn’t stopped him from getting some ink before.

Yay, I guess. Everyone needs someone famous to get the hots for, so I guess if you have a thing for twinks, I suppose you could do worse than Justin. Although try and remember that he has a girlfriend, and nobody likes a mistressin’ hoebag. Just look at that tattooed sack of Nazi syphilis Jesse James banged.

Justin Bieber

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