‘Community’ season four gets a premiere date!


It’s been two weeks since Community was supposed to air, but didn’t because NBC is dumb like that. Way to try and recreate the days of Seinfeld with shows about monkey doctors. Anyway, despite being one of the smarter comedies on TV, it got delayed at the last minute, and according to Entertainment Weekly, the show is now slated to premiere on February 7th! Yay! October 19th really is in your hearts!

The timeline just brightened: NBC has finally announced the premiere date for the fourth season of Community, and it is … February 7th at 8 p.m. While that’s quite a wait, the good news for fans is that the community college-set comedy will be airing in its traditional home of Thursdays (in the slot occupied by the departing 30 Rock) instead of Fridays, where it had been slotted for this season. Less than two weeks before season four′s planned October 19th debut, though, NBC announced that it was postponing Community, along with fellow Friday comedy Whitney, while it focused on promoting other nights of its schedule. (Season two of Whitney will now debut Wednesday, November 14th in place of the now-cancelled Animal Practice.)

So basically, Community is now the unofficial successor to 30 Rock, in that they are both critically acclaimed shows that no one watches because America does not want nice things. BRING US OUR HOT DOG-STUFFED PIZZAS AND OUR DORITO TACOS AND OUR MONKEY DOCTORS, KIND SIR!


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