Courteney Cox-Arquette in stills from FX’s ‘Dirt’

i swear by the time january 2nd rolls around you’ll be so sick of me posting about this show that you might just have to tune in to see what all the fuss & hoopla is about! below are some brand new stills that i haven’t seen anywhere on the blogs until now! check out the lovely courteney cox-arquette in a few shots from her upcoming return to television in the new show dirt where she plays ‘lucy spiller’ – an editor-in-chief of a tabloid magazine…the show looks quite sassy and messed up – i cannot wait! of course with it airing on FX would you expect anything less? the promos have been running like crazy (all the time) during nip/tuck…it looks like a lot of bets have been placed on this show – i’ve built myself up so much over this show – that if i’m disappointed you will surely know it! popbytes over & out for now..xxoo!

PS producers of the show were so smart to use peter gabriel‘s song digging in the dirt (watch the video) for the teaser song – one of my favorite gabriel tunes and the track makes the show sound hot! thank heavens no one was hired to ‘cover’ the song – that would have been pure pop blasphemy!

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