robert altman – you will be missed!

good evening my friends! today marked the passing of one of the greatest american directors of all-time – the very talented mr. robert altman who died at the very ripe old age of 81 – he worked so much during his lifetime – it’s insane! some of my favorites movies happen to have been directed by altman…especially my personal top 93’s short cuts! (i’m so overdue for a fresh screening of that film – i so love the performances of both jennifer jason-leigh & julianne moore)

robert was making kick-ass movies right to the end of his long life – his most recent film a prairie home companion i think is an excellent note to go out on – plus he could even possibly garner a posthumous oscar nomination for best directing which i would actually love to see! he so deserves it – his unique style of brilliantly weaving human tapestries together is unmatched! there’s one big exception though – i’ve always said his ’94 film prêt-à-porter (aka ‘ready to wear’) was one of the worst films i ever saw – i hated it but i’ll admit to loving the soundtrack!

mr. altman actually received an honorary oscar this year for being one of five directors (including martin scorsese & alfred hitchcock) who had been nominated five times without ever winning! maybe he’ll make it six nominations – that announcement is right around the corner! much love & thoughts going out to his friends & family – his cinematic legacy will not soon be forgotten! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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