open letter to rosie o’donnell

dear rosie o’donnell,

i think you need to shut the fuck up! poor kelly ripa was terrorized when josie grossie (who doesn’t love ‘never been kissed’?) clay aiken placed his dirty hand over her mouth while filling in for regis philbin this past friday! kelly’s comment about ‘not knowing where that hand has been’ wasn’t homophobic at all – and how can she be all queer bashing when we still don’t even know ‘officially’ know what clay’s sexuality is? (and do we really care – i don’t think either team wants to claim him) gay – straight – bisexual – whatever floats the aiken boat…i don’t think any man, woman, or child (or my two dogs for that matter) would want his grimy little paws covering their mouths – plain as day it was rude & unhygienic on clay’s part! the whole thing has been blown way out of proportion – ‘LARGELY’ in part to you! as a gay man – i find your comments to be dumb & stupid – and i think you should really lay off ms. ripa and stick to issues that really matter and use your gay ammunition wisely – berating ms. ripa won’t help the cause! ok enough said…just calm yourself down!

much love,


PS phew! oh i just had to get that off as my chest – just because i’m gay doesn’t mean i agree with the all the loud mouths and ‘outing’ hunts at the moment! i hope i didn’t scare anyone – i just veered from my normal pop ‘cheeriness’ but i found it a bit refreshing to get my nasty on!

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