courtney love & martha stewart?!?

oh this is a wild and oh so crazy story – thanks to my friend jon over at the awesome – he & his darling wife marti sure know popbytes well – they forwarded me a story that appeared in sunday’s UK mirror times about my dear messy courtney love selling a quarter of her late rocker hubby kurt cobain‘s music catalogue to…hold onto your hats people…martha stewart…yes you heard me right! courtney & martha are about to do some serious big business – the deal is reportedly valued at 70 million UK pounds which comes out to about $120 million US! so i guess if she is only selling 25% that means that cobain’s songs are worth $480 million dollars!!! that’s shit load of money if my calculations are correct…i’m sure some people are crying travesty but this really does come down to smart business…

miss martha is thinking this would be a great investment (no shit) plus according to a ‘friend’ this will also help ms. love steady her finances – just please martha no ‘smells like kmart spirit’ campaigns! this is all so very odd – i wonder if kurt is turning over in his grave – i can’t believe he has been gone for 12 years now – who knows maybe martha can also gobble up some of the beatles catalogue when michael jackson finally gives into selling it to save his broke ass – you know it’s coming people…martha could indeed be the next music mogul! since reality TV hasn’t quite worked for her – why not just jump right into rock & roll and start big with the cobain catalogue! anyways i had a nice weekend – got a bunch of work done! i wonder what this upcoming week will bring – if it’s anything like last week – we best get ready! popbytes over & out…xxoo

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