rip richard pryor

this JUST in – comedian richard pryor died today at the age of 65 (which he just turned on dec 1st) – he suffered a heart attack at his san fernando valley home and was pronounced dead at a local hospital

he really had been through so many ups & downs in his life but he will forever be remembered for his edgy comedy and hilarious sharp as hell sense of humor and insight to life – we will all miss your spirit much richard – i hope you are finally at peace and can rest easy now…I found some great quotes from fellow comedians on mr. pryor over at – i copied a few below…

When I was a kid nothing gave me more pleasure than waiting for my parents to leave the house so I could listen to a Richard Pryor album. I didn’t know it then, but by listening to those albums, I was preparing myself for what I’m doing today. If I hadn’t listened to Richard as a kid, I’m sure I’d still be a comedian – the only difference is I’d really suck. Richard Pryor is the greatest comedian of all time. – Chris Rock

For me, Richard represents the pinnacle of brilliant monologue – straight-up comedy and a dramatic flair that not even the best of the best can touch. In my opinion, Richard Pryor is the single greatest comic of my lifetime. – Whoopi Goldberg

By telling the truth about his pain, Richard held a mirror up to society, and we were able to see our fears, our beauty, our prejudice, our wretchedness, our hopes, our dreams – all of our contradictions. What other man has no secrets? Richard Pryor shared all of his. He is truly the greatest comedian of our time. – Damon Wayans

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