Courtney Stodden & Chris Crocker: BFFs?

Courtney Stodden

Oh joy. Now my life is truly complete. Huzzah. Huzzah for all. For those of you who have been slacking off on your daily eye-rolling exercises (hey, strong, healthy eyes are important!) Courtney Stodden tried to engage her fans in some “floor flashing” (see the picture below), which is clearly something seventeen-year-old girls need to know how to do nowadays, then after getting a tweet from Chris Crocker, offered to hook up with him for a famewhoring YouTube video. EYES. CANNOT. BE ROLLED HARD ENOUGH.

ChrisCrocker: @CourtneyStodden Courtney, I just feel like we’re kindred spirits. Shall I make a #LeaveCourtneyAlone video?

CourtneyStodden: @ChrisCrocker Our souls are timelessly connected Chris – That video would be such a divine creation! Love you… muah! XOs

ChrisCrocker: @CourtneyStodden That means so much, Court. (if I may call u that.) I hope that someday we can have tea and cross our legs like girlfriends!

CourtneyStodden: @ChrisCrocker Let’s hookup… message my private contact ;)… &/or

Soooooo … about that whole 2102 end of the world thing. Think we can speed that one up a little bit?

Courtney Stodden

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