Courtney Stodden does Marilyn Monroe!

Courtney Stodden

Because there’s something about Marilyn Monroe that stupid blonde whores just love — they realize she died of a drug overdose, right?  — here’s Courtney Stodden dressed as Marilyn, because if there was one thing the world was missing, it was a famewhore trying to emulate Monroe. The Daily Mail reports:

Since entering the spotlight, she has become something of a blonde bombshell in her own right. So Courtney Stodden decided to channel her predecessor Marilyn Monroe in her latest photo shoot. The 17-year-old wife of Doug Hutchison, 51, went all out as she struck a series of seductive stances against a sunny Los Angeles backdrop. Courtney slipped into a white dress that bore a strong resemblance to the one worn by the iconic film star in The Seven Year Itch. Just like Marilyn, Courtney had the halterneck number’s full skirt blowing around her as she posed provocatively for the cameras. But while the film star struggled to keep her skirt from blowing up over a subway grate, Courtney had the help of a wind machine to re-enact the movie scene. SEE MORE PICTURES

A couple observations here:

  1. In a rational world, Courtney would have been eaten by wolves by now.
  2. Just because you’re a blonde slut, doesn’t mean you can emulate Marilyn Monroe. Sure, Marilyn was a blonde slut too, but at least she had the talent to back it up.
  3. Are you seriously telling me that Courtney can’t afford or find lucite heels that actually fit? I know it takes a lot of money to look that cheap, but honey, those cliff-jumpers have got to go.

Courtney Stodden

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