Oh joy, Courtney Stodden is meeting with VH1 now!

Courtney Stodden

Remember when 17-year-old child bride / famewhore Courtney Stodden announced that she was getting her own reality TV show, because apparently publicly having sex with older men when you’re a teen opens a lot of doors these days? Well, in case you were wondering who would be dumb enough to stick a child prostitute on television, we finally have our answer: VH1. RadarOnline (of course) reports:

“I had so much fun at the meeting with VH1 and I can’t wait to meet with MTV people too so my reality show can really get going!” Courtney said. Her momager, Krista said her daughter really enjoyed telling the execs about the show pitch. “Courtney had fun at the meeting,” Krista told RadarOnline exclusively. “Anything she does is always filled with laughter.”

I think Courtney’s mom might be confusing “laughter” with “51-year-old cock”, but I guess that’s why I’m not a failure as a mother. Anyway, part of me is just looking at this and going “what the shit VH1?” But then I remember that VH1 had to take Megan Wants A Millionaire off the air after one of the contestants hacked apart their girlfriend, and they also ran a show about the Hogans, a family of incestuous hillbillies who nearly murdered someone with a car. So actually this makes perfect sense!

Courtney Stodden

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