Crystal Harris wants her own reality show!

Crystal Harris

Oh look, more whores being whorey! Yeah, apparently this is going to be the theme of the day. Anyway, months after she called off her own fake wedding because no amount of money is worth having 85-year-old balls in your mouth every day, Crystal Harris has decided that she’s interesting enough to warrant her own TV show despite the fact that useless blonde whores are literally a dime a dozen. No, seriously, I picked up three dozen at the farmer’s market the other day.

Here’s a shocker — the chick who ditched Hugh Hefner days before their wedding is now trying to shop her own reality show around town … and even more shocking, there’s actual interest. TMZ has learned … Crystal Harris already has meetings set up with a few different networks … hoping to land a deal. We’re told the premise behind the show (beyond just the fact that she’s hot) will focus on her struggle to find a career after burning the richest bridge she will ever have. SOURCE

Ummm … shocker? Who would have thought that the talentless famewhore wanted her own famewhore show so that she could famewhore slut skankedy skank? Christ, I honestly think about half of the shows on TV are nothing but terrible people yelling at each other. No joke – I’m on a family vacation right now and all my brothers did this morning was watch MTV dating shows where terrible people yelled at each other for half an hour. It was awful.

Crystal Harris

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