Dave Navarro and Tila Tequila? Really? Ugh.

So evidently, Dave Navarro no longer wants to live because apparently he’s now dating Tila Tequila. When asked why, Navarro started playing Jeff Buckley‘s Hallelujah, then stuck a loaded gun in his mouth with the safety off.

The 29-year-old A Shot at Love star and Carmen Electra’s ex-hubby have been dating on the down low for about six months now, with her sleeping at his Hollywood pad most nights and telling friends the two are “in love.” Tila, who knew Navarro for a while, first hooked up with the former Jane’s Addiction guitarist six months ago, and the duo got serious fast, a source tells E! News. SOURCE

In all seriousness, this may or may not be the first time Tila has ever had an actual relationship that isn’t credited by MTV or an under-prescription of lithium. Hell, as long as she doesn’t end up putting on a wedding dress, taking a bunch of pills and jumping in front of a taxi after getting into an argument with Dave over who gave who Herpes Simplex 2, this might even be the start of something beautiful.

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