This is how Paris Hilton does community service …

After getting busted for cocaine possession in Las Vegas, Paris Hilton had to shoot a public service announcement in LA involving her riding shot gun in a cop car in order to promote … ummmmm, something. Most likely something legal, I’m not really sure. All I know is that the worst way to make people do anything is by getting Paris Hilton to tell them NOT to do it. “Paris says not to do coke? I’ll show her! *SNORT*”

Paris Hilton once again found herself in a police car, but this time, she was on the right side of the law. The busy socialite — who’s had several well publicized run-ins with the law — was snapped with a sly smile as she shot a Public Service Announcement for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Tuesday night as part her community service related to her cocaine arrest in Las Vegas. SOURCE

Quick question here, but how do they think that putting Paris in front of a camera is going to better humanity in any way? “Well, we were going to make her feed the homeless and clean the streets of West Hollywood, but let’s just make people look at her more. I’m sure people will love that, right? No? Well whatever, we’re doing it anyway.”

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