Becks needs a butt rub!

David Beckham

FitnessBytes with Wes FergusonDavid Beckham delivered yet another delicious shot on the soccer field recently — checking a bruise on his upper thigh. Way upper thigh. His butt.

David Beckham

If some hot stud on the playing field has an injury, it presents an opportunity to tend to his wounds. In effect, grope said player in many potentially inappropriate ways — in the name of medicine, or whatever. Hippocratic oath. You get to touch them. When presented with this opportunity (or, more likely, when you hurt yourself falling off the elliptical machine at the gym), you should know how to treat a sports in jury.

Use the RICE method:

  • Rest – The first mistake is to keep going, tough guy. If you get hurt, just stop and deal with it to prevent further injury. Unlike Becks, nobody reading this is making millions playing some stupid game.
  • Ice – Most people think heat helps an injury, but you first want t numb the area and stops blood flow to decrease swelling.
  • Compression – Keep pressure on the wound to further decrease swelling and support the injured joint.
  • Elevation – Again making sure there’s as little blood flow as possible by using gravity to reduce swelling in the injured area.

All this talk of areas and pressure points is totally getting me hot! Am I the only one? *W*


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