Lauren Conrad to open a cupcake shop?

Lauren Conrad

Yeah, I know, I’m reaching for a sixth post here. Anyway, since she’s not really doing anything right now, former star of The Hills, Lauren Conrad is now going to open a cupcake shop in Los Angeles, I’m assuming because between this and the two New York Times best-selling books she’s written (kill me now), Lauren is trying to destroy everything I hold dear.

Word is that Lauren is scouting locations to find a perfect place to set up shop so Lauren’s cupcake bakery is a sweet success like all other ventures. Cupcakes have been the talk of the town over the last few years as more cupcake shops spring up delving into the abyss of overloaded frosting over hand-sized cakes. SOURCE

Wait, so are we to believe that Lauren Conrad has ever made, or even eaten, a cupcake? Poor girl … believe me, you don’t get a body like that by eating cupcakes. Well, you can, but that cupcake won’t be staying in there for very long. All I’m saying is, the bitch better bone up on her baked goods if she’s gonna try and sell cupcakes.

Lauren Conrad

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