Details on Lindsay Lohan’s full-frontal Playboy shoot!

Lindsay Lohan

Hey, remember when Lindsay Lohan drunkenly made out with her mom? Of course you do, because the image was burnt into your retinas and now when you close your eyes to sleep at night it’s the only thing you can see. Sorry about that. Anyway, Lindsay upped the creepiness yesterday when she brought her mom, Dina Lohan, and her little sister Ali Lohan to watch her show off her boobs to photographers for Playboy magazine because … no, seriously, why did she do that? Just … gyah. X17 reports:

Dina Lohan is 100% in support of Lindsay’s Playboy photo shoot. She tells X17 Online exclusively, “The photo shoot went well.” The 25-year-old actress is earning more than $750,000 to take it off for the famous men’s magazine, according to TMZ. X17 Online has exclusive photos of Lilo arriving to the shoot at a massive mansion in Beverly Hills with younger sister Ali in tow.

So basically, Lindsay did porn (because Playboy is porn, tenuously tied together with articles no one reads) and thought it would be a great idea to bring along her family to watch? What the hell? Look, porn is a lot of fun, as is making it, but you don’t bring your family to watch you make it. That’s weird. Although I guess after Michael Lohan‘s vagina-kicking spree from yesterday, they needed added protection to make sure Lindsay’s bajooter stayed foot-free during the shoot. “Okay Ali, you sit here and act as the decoy for daddy’s lady-flower-seeking-foot while your big sister shows off her freckled boobs again and I go drink her million dollar paycheck. *Glug glug glug* You’re not my favorite child, by the way.”

UPDATE: Did we say “tits”? Ha ha ha, silly me. We meant LiLo was completely naked and airing out her vagina (aka firecrotch) for all to see, including members of her family. Yup, totally not weird at all.

Lindsay Lohan

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