Dina Lohan ordered to undergo a psych evaluation

Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan

Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan

With Linday Lohan finally on the straight and narrow (She even landed a cameo on Eastbound & Down! Good for her!) the torch of crackitude has been passed onto Dina Lohan, who decided to take it and run with it. In her car. Drunk. Well, the judge in her DWI case has decided to get to the bottom of what exactly the hell is wrong with her and ordered her to undergo a psych evaluation. Via TMZ

Dina Lohan has something going on in her head, and the judge in her DWI case wants to know the contents … because he just ordered a full psych evaluation. Dina was in court this AM for her DWI case. Her lawyer, Mark Heller, claims she’s alcohol free but the judge isn’t necessarily buyin’ what he’s selling. So now Dina has to get her head shrunk by a court-appointed shrink.

Shrink: All right Ms. Lohan, have you ever driven while drunk.
Dina: *Hic* Of courshe not, ociffer. *Throws up*
Shrink: Are you drunk now?
Dina: You shut your mouth! Don’t you know who I am? Or where I am? Sherioushly, where am I?
Shrink: What smells like nail-polish remover?
Dina: Sometimes I sweat Vodka. If you lick me, you’ll trip balls. I’m like a toad!


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