Donna Usher: DJ Got Us Falling In Hot Stuff

Donna Summer and Usher

Mashup Of The Week

I swear, those crazy Italians in DJs From Mars can do no wrong! Whenever you need a new mashup that’s guaranteed to start the party on a dancefloor, they end up dropping another new bootleg! Personally, I’m not a big fan of Usher (the dude just kind of bugs me, and we can blame him for ‘Bieber Fever’), but there’s no denying what a smash DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again was. But here’s where it gets funked up: The Martians decided it would sound like even hotter stuff, by pairing it with some classic Donna Summer. My only complaint about the mash, is I wish they’d thrown in some of Donna’s choruses at the end. But that is minor, once this jam starts pumping out’cha speakers.

Download DJs From MarsDJ Got Us Falling In Hot Stuff
[.mp3 / 11mb]

Enjoy — DJ Paul V.

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