do you trust leah & jada?

so after leah remini claimed to have seen baby suri cruise a few weeks ago (she’s just beautiful) we have yet another celebrity tomkitten sighting! jada pinkett smith claims that the baby is ‘gorgeous’ saying…she’s beautiful and they’re very happy and they need to be left alone (ok that part is a little weird…) she’s the cutest little baby. she’s got a head full of black, beautiful hair…jada & husband will smith apparently visited with suri twice at the cruise mansion!

at least for their second ‘planned’ sighting tomkat didn’t plant another fellow scientologist (their first choice of little miss scientologist leah was not the smartest move – yeah sure we trust whatever ms. remini says…) i want to see little suri with my own two eyes before i believe she exists (she has to exist…if she didn’t that would be the ultimate freakout!) but everyone must admit the whole situation is just so odd…how much longer can they just keep dropping celeb friend soundbytes about the baby? we need a picture tom & kat(i)e! popbytes over & out for tonight – check you all tomorrow!

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